Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Dec 10 Justice for Deepan Support Committee: A call for political action.

Dec 10, 2014 -- Ottawa

More than 65 years ago, John Humphrey, a Canadian, authored what was to become the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. 

Around the world people rightfully applauded their governments for unanimously supporting the 30 articles, detailing Human Rights protections that everyone is entitled to and which governments are obligated to uphold. 

Article 15 of the UN Declaration states;

“Everyone has the right to a nationality.” Further more, “No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his nationality…”

Despite the historic significance of a Canadian citizen being credited with crafting of this important text and despite Canada’s ratification of the UN Declaration over 6 decades ago, – it is travesty that today’s Conservative government would purposefully strip Deepan Budlakoti of his Canadian nationality making him stateless and recently stripping him of access to healthcare services.

Deepan is not alone, a half million residents of Canada are denied healthcare coverage, which is also a violation of the spirit and intent of the UN Declaration. Article 5 of the UN Declaration says, everyone also has the right “not to be subjected to cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment or punishment.” Yet again this government violates this article by denying tens of thousands of refugees access to healthcare and by revoking Deepan’s birth right to health coverage within the province where he was born.

Commemorating a global achievement such as the UN Declaration means taking a stand to uphold these rights –for everyone. Valuing the UN Declaration also means taking solidarity actions everyday.

The Justice for Deepan Campaign is putting out a call for activists concerned about human rights abuses, and unjust changes to the Citizenship Act like revoking status in contravention of the Declaration of Human Rights to deliver a message of opposition to the Conservative government members in their riding. 

We urge activists to craft their own innovative message of community disapproval, via email blitzes or face to face meetings with Conservative MP’s.

Ideas could include, sending copies of the UN Declaration Article 15 with the message - Your in Violation!

or place signs near their offices that read:

Healthcare matters to our community! 

Deepan stays - Conservative can go!

Check out for materials and background to create your own messages. 

Be creative, be direct and be courageous, while we let this government know where they stand as an election approaches.