Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Massacring Muslims everywhere

Will the world be a happy place without them?


July 16, 2014

Massacres in Myanmar, massacres in Sri Lanka, gruesome killing of innocent Muslims in many other parts of South Asia and now the pounding bombs in Gaza-what is the message behind these sickening episodes for Muslims from people of other faiths? That Muslims however hapless, innocent and defenseless should be suppressed and slaughtered to ensure peace in the world. Is that so? Otherwise what threat did Muslims of Myanmar pose to the faith of ‘non-violent’ Buddhists? Or what did the Muslims of Sri Lanka do to   threaten the integrity of the tiny, turbulent island nation? And, back home why is Muslim blood needed to ‘satisfy the collective conscience of a nation’? And now as the world around us goes deaf, dumb and blind over the happenings in Gaza-Muslims mourn the death of their young ones and toddlers in the holy month of Ramadhan. Blazing fires consume our hope and the ‘modern tolerant human being’ enjoys this game of fire! What is our crime I ask?

Why violence and hatred against we Muslims has become the order of today’s world? The big powers find a silly reason-they kill us. They don’t find a reason-they cook a reason to kill us. They conspire, lie and confabulate to kill us. If all this doesn’t work-they kill us for sport! They meddle, fiddle and butcher us-but they are still civilized. We suffer and disappear-but we deserve what we are given! For the superior civilized world we are intolerant, aggressive and primitive-we deserve to die, we deserve to suffer-is that so?

Our women cannot walk in the streets of France, Germany or Italy(the civilized nations) wearing a symbol of our faith-Hijab. Our women are punished, stabbed or killed if they defy the civilized dictate. Domes and minarets of our mosques  cannot breathe the air in Switzerland-these are the obnoxious structures disturbing the symmetry there and have to be razed to ground. And China too is not far behind-it sees a potent threat in the fast of a Muslim and has banned Rozas for Chinese Muslims. In these circumstances who is tolerant and who is intolerant? 

The bloodshed seen in Afghanistan and Iraq, we all know is a creation of   Muslim haters-bleeding Palestine, bleeding Iraq and bleeding Afghanistan is what the ‘civilized world’ has given to Muslims and Israel a pampered evil  of the West has been planted in Middle east to kill and destroy Muslims. For themselves they enjoy democracy but for Muslims, they promote autocracy. What an irony! And look at those tiny African nations who are poverty ridden-they buy arms out of the alms to kill Muslims!

Forget about the Algebra we gave you, the medicine, science and philosophy we enriched you with, forget about the architectural marvels we built in the hearts of Europe and India, forget about the trade we taught you,-we enlightened the dark continents and primitive shepherds’ with the message of peace i.e Islam. Many of you accepted our calling and became one of us. So, you the ‘civilized lot’ owe us a great deal-isn’t it? 

The world is thriving on our resources and our oil. Millions of non Muslim workers in Middle East are earning their livelihood in Muslim countries without a fear or a bias. Big business houses of the East and West are thriving because of Muslim markets. Even then there is anti-Muslim propaganda, even then Muslim suffers from hatred and violence. Why?

David Cameroon and Barak Obama came up with very sweet pre-Ramadahan speech for Muslims. Muslims contribute maximum to the charities in England Cameroon said. Muslims were termed as the brothers in Abrahimic (AS) faith. But a few days later both justified the use of force by Israel on poor Palestinians in Gaza. That   too in Ramadhan.

In the face of such a terrible hatred for Muslims-I have an appeal. My calling is not to the governments- I know who controls them. My calling is to the people of all faiths-tolerant, liberal and sensitive human beings who come in support of poor and down trodden, weak and oppressed; who are anti-war, anti-apartheid and anti-occupier. The same people who marched across the streets of London and Washington-against Iraq war, the same people who exposed their government’s lies about the war, the same people who broke the truth about Guantonamo Bay and Abu Gharib. We need the likes of Naom Chomsky and Stephen Hawkins to deliver justice to our world. This is the time that a Muslim needs them as he has been pushed everywhere into an an unfair war and burnt therein. Rise people rise. Otherwise this world is aiming towards a Muslim free world.