Sunday, July 20, 2014

Actions Worldwide Call for End to Israel's Crimes Against Palestine

July 20, 2014

Resistance continues worldwide to the state terrorism that has been unleashed against Palestine by U.S.-backed Zionist Israel under the pretext of the kidnapping and killing of three Israeli teenagers on June 12. The Israeli state, without evidence or observing due process, blames the Hamas government of Gaza for the kidnappings, declaring it a terrorist organization. It is using the situation to justify mass arrests, indefinite detention and bombing raids. Mass collective punishment is a heinous crime associated with the Nazis, fascists and Japanese militarists during World War II and the U.S. imperialists in countries such as Korea and Viet Nam. Around the world people have responded with actions demanding an end to the crimes against humanity being perpetrated against the Palestinian people in Gaza and the West Bank.



Over 200 people took part in a spirited demonstration in Halifax on July 18th to denounce Israeli war crimes and to show support for the people of Gaza and Palestine. Organized by SAIADAL -- Students Against Israeli Apartheid at Dalhousie University to both CBC Radio and CBC TV buildings to denounce biased media coverage of the massacre taking place in Gaza.

Far from having reporters cover the event or sending out a representative to speak with the protesters the CBC called security demanding that the demonstrators get off the property. The demonstration carried on from the sidewalk with several speakers, who included Palestinian patriot Dr. Ismail Zayid, representatives from SAIADAL, Canadian Union of Postal Workers, No Harbour For War and others.

SAIADAL has called for a Candlelight vigil for the victims of Israeli aggression in Gaza on Saturday, July 19th at 9:30pm at the main entrance to Halifax Public Gardens.


On July 11, more than 2,000 people marched through rush hour traffic in downtown Montreal to condemn Israeli atrocities against the Palestinian people. People were invited to sign an immense Palestinian flag being sent to Palestine as an expression of the firm support of Canadians for the struggle of the Palestinian people.

"Viva Viva Palestina!", "Free Gaza!", "Israel Terrorist, Harper Accomplice!" and other slogans filled the air as the demonstration made its way to the office of Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard and demanded that he denounce Israel’s attacks.

Representatives from Palestinian and Jewish Unity, Jews United against Zionism, the Confederation of National Trade Unions (CSN), Gaza's Ark, and Quebec's International Cooperation Association were among the speakers. 

On July 16, another action saw hundreds of people gathered in front of metro Mont-Royal during rush hour, demanding that Israel stop its genocidal actions against Palestine and acknowledge its right to be. The demonstration, organized by the "Howl Arts Collective" of Montreal and Tadamon!, declared that only the defence and affirmation of the rights of the Palestinian people can guarantee peace in the region and denounced the Harper government's shameful role in its support of the Zionist State. The demonstration, which included a long Palestinian flag carried by 66 people -- one person for each of the 66 years of occupation since the Nakba, was greeted with support all along the way. 


In Ottawa on July 12, Students Against Apatheid, Independent Jewish Voices, Palestinian community groups and others gathered at the Human Rights Monument in downtown Ottawa, to demand an end to Israel’s assault on Gaza.

Chants of "Free, Free Palestine!" echoed as the demonstration moved up Elgin St. to the U.S. Embassy. There 3,000 people gathered to denounce U.S. Imperialism’s role in Israeli Zionist occupation and aggression. Music expressing the long struggle of Palestinians for the recognition of their rights was heard throughout downtown Ottawa.

On the way to Parliament Hill, the demonstration stopped briefly in front of the Prime Minister's Office to denounce the government’s support for Israeli policies and demand the government represent the majority of Canadians who believe in justice and human rights for all.


On July 11 more than 1,500 people from the Greater Toronto Area, the vast majority Canadian youth, demonstrated across from the Israeli Consulate in Toronto in the early evening. This was a powerful rebuff of the Harper government's disinformation about "Canada's unconditional support" for the Israeli Zionist state and evidence that Harper and his pro-Zionist gang do not speak for Canadians.

The demonstration was organized by Palestine House and the Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid. During the speeches the youth formed a solid fist-raising, slogan-shouting, flag-waving phalanx shouting "Harper, Harper You will See, Palestine Will Be Free!" amongst other slogans drowning out a provocation by a group of Zionists forcing them to scurry off.

Demonstrators took to the street, marching along Bloor to Yonge, down to College St. and back to the Israeli consulate, with onlookers expressing support for the demonstrators and the just cause of the Palestinian people.




In Windsor on July 18 several hundred people participated in the Action Against Israeli War Crimes: Windsor Protest for Palestine. The main organizers were activists with the University of Windsor Palestinian Solidarity Group. The action was characterized by a large presence of youth as well as entire families of several generations. It was supported by the Windsor Peace Coalition and others who came out to join the demonstration. A spirited march was held through the busy downtown core at 5:30 in the afternoon with participants carrying signs and chanting slogans like Free Free Palestine and Free Free Gaza. The march ended at City Hall Square for speeches. Speakers called for an end to the attacks on Gaza, pointing out this was the third war Israel had launched in six years. They demanded that the occupation be ended and upheld the right of Palestinians to resist it until that happened. The Harper government was repeatedly denounced for supporting Israel's war crimes and use of disinformation to try and justify it. Participants were encouraged to stay informed, active and organized in order to win the fight for justice for Palestine. At the conclusion of the march a collection was taken up for medical aid for those wounded in Gaza



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Left: Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro holds up a sign reading S.O.S. Palestine. On July 12 during a television broadcast he called for the launch of a twitter campaign #SOSPalestine stating: "The Palestinian people have the right to live in their ancestral lands in peace. Our international position on the issue of Palestine is just and follows the policy of comandante Hugo Chavez". The campaign also directly challenged a campaign called #SOSVenezuela launched by various celebrities in the U.S. Maduro stated: "To those who went around the world saying "SOS Venezuela" what do the hypocrites that launched SOS Venezuela have to say about Palestine? Let's see if they dare! SOS Palestine!" he stated. 

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