Monday, June 16, 2014

Do UK Muslims need to 'be more British'?

"Cameron tells UK Muslims: Be more British" headlined the front page of the Mail on Sunday, which published an article by Prime Minister David Cameron in the June 15 edition. Cameron's op-ed was a defence(link is external) of British identity and British values, but many found the subject polarising.

The op-ed follows comments by the Education Minister suggesting schools promote "British values" after an official investigation found some Birmingham schools were not protecting their students from "radicalisation and extremism". The investigation was prompted by the so-called "Trojan Horse(link is external)" letter, now believed to be a hoax, that alleged 'radical Muslims' were infiltrating schools. 

The op-ed did not single out Muslims, and the prime minister's office told(link is external) the Mail on Sunday that article was not directed expressly at Muslims, but "all sections of the community". Many online reacted to headline, and Cameron's article, by wondering what it means to "be more British". READ MORE....