Saturday, June 28, 2014

Al-Sisi’s Egypt Is Worse For Gays Than The Muslim Brotherhood

Quote from article:

"Police bundled Ahmed into a truck and took him to a station in the satellite city west of Cairo known as 6 October. Together with nine others he was stripped naked and subjected to humiliating “anal tests,” then put on trial. After just one court session nine of the ten defendants were found guilty of debauchery and sexual deviance and handed between three- and eight-year jail terms. Only one, the female owner of the venue, was acquitted.

"Ahmed, released on bail, managed to avoid being in court for the verdict and is now “travelling” constantly to avoid re-arrest. Outcast by his family, fired from his job and on the run, he says his life is in pieces. 

"Since the military overthrew Morsi last July, rights groups have recorded the worst state crackdown on the LGBT community since the days of Hosni Mubarak."