Thursday, May 8, 2014

Actions of Boko Haram: Un-Islamic

By Sheikh Ahmad Kutty
Senior Lecturer, The Islamic Institute of Toronto

Thursday, 08 May

Islamic law, as stated unequivocally by the jurists of Islam, is based on the fundamental objectives of preserving the sanctity of life, property, honour, and freedom of conscience.

These higher objectives are enshrined and anchored in the teachings of Islamic scriptures and supported by reason. Hence, the actions of Boko Haram cult are monstrosities according to the clear dictates of Islam.
Actions of these depraved individuals are in direct violation of the fundamentals of Islam. By resorting to kidnapping, murdering, and terrorizing innocent people, destroying properties, and, thus, depriving people of freedom of education and movement, they are guilty of the worst imaginable crimes in Islam.

The Prophet, peace be upon him, said, "Allah will not look at the face of a (depraved) person who sells human beings into slavery." (Reported by Al-Bukhari on the authority of Abu Hurairah)

What makes these crimes more abhorrent is the claim that God has ordered them to carry out these actions.

This amounts to committing a double offence: firstly, they are declaring as permissible that which God has declared as Haram or impermissible; secondly, their false attribution amounts to a blatant form of Shirk, associating partners with God, thus making it a monstrosity of an offence.

Allah says:  {When they commit indecency, they say, ‘We found our forefathers doing this, and God commanded us to do it’. Say, God does not command indecency.Will you say about God what you do not know?} Al-A`raf 7:  28).

And, {But do not say of falsehood asserted by your tongues, 'This is permissible, and this is forbidden,' to fabricate a lie against God; for those who fabricate falsehood against God will not thrive.} (Al-Israa’17: 116).

Due to the gravity of such offences, these actions, perpetrated by anyone, whether Muslim or otherwise, have been classified under the category of Hirabah or terrorism, according to all schools of jurisprudence. These crimes merit maximum penalty under the law of the Shariah.
{For those who wage war against God and His messenger and strive hard to cause chaos and murder throughout the land, is execution or crucifixion…or (at the very least exile) from the land….except for those who repent (and amend their ways) before they fall into your hands.} ( Al-Ma’idah 5: 33-34).  

The verse assumes that the sacred law has the higher objective of preserving and safeguarding life, honour, peace, and security that should govern our values. Therefore, those who flout such values should be dealt with the harshest of punishments.

Finally, it must be stated emphatically that those who use Islam in this way are political demagogues, who deploy the sacred teachings of Islam as a ladder to gain power and authority over the gullible masses. They must be rejected and opposed by every Muslim who cares to safeguard the sacred teachings of Islam.