Thursday, April 10, 2014

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS!!! Totally Radical Muslims Zine - Volume 3

Hubb: Queer Muslim Love Stories


For volume three of the Totally Radical Muslim Zine, we’re exploring love, lust, trust and vulnerability.

The Totally Radical Muslim Zine is about telling our stories and reclaiming our truths. This project is about resisting Islamophobia, homophobia, imperialism and so many more systems of oppression, and we’re tackling that racist bullshit, one love story at a time! By telling our stories, with all their edges, contradictions, beauties and gems – we are taking back the power to create our narratives and imagine another present, and another history.

For Volume 3, we are seeking submissions that share experiences on: falling in love, falling out of love, finding queer love, feeling loved by family, erotica, heartache, loneliness, critical thoughts on relationships, friendship, platonic love, and stories on self-love.

Tell us about the ways you’ve opened and closed your heart. Count the times you’ve heard it break. Describe the love you’ve asked for, prayed for, waited for, cherished, embraced, feared, denied, chased, flirted with or fled. Name the feelings that visit you by night. Send us your love letters. Talk dirty to us.

Submission invited from all self-identified Muslims – queer, trans, straight, questioning, and more… We especially welcome submissions from voices often left out of Muslim discourse: queer and trans, black, youth, disabled, Shia, Ahmadi, poor, working class, folks incarcerated and recently released. 

Formats: written, drawing, photography, video. 

Deadline: Thursday May 1, 2014 (goal is to print for the Hot Summer of 2014). Send submissions to: or mail to TRM, PO Box 29843 Oakland CA 94604

Expectations we have and values we want upheld in submissions: 

- intersectional and anti-oppression lens (this is not the time to play oppression olympics, folks) 
- speak your truths, take care of your safety, be creative (pseudo names are useful, if needed) 
- work towards community building and breaking isolation 
- our stories are penned within a context of islamophobia - air your laundry, and be mindful of how the piece will be read 
- islamophobia falls within a continuum of oppression, honor the histories of other oppressed peoples


We do not edit your work.  This is our commitment to honoring individual voice and storytelling.  We are however, discerning in maintaining a political frame and may decide that your piece does not fit within our projects vision and intent.  

* all submissions must be UNDER 800 words 
* blog posts can be audio/video files (talk to us about your idea before submitting)